Short Sale Information

Why Vicki Is The "BEST" Short Sale Realtor In Southern Arizona ???

~ Vicki has been successfully closing short sales since 1992 !!

~ Vicki is one of a select few (only 10 Realtors in entire state) qualified and selected to be in the SHORT SALE MASTER MINDS FOR THE STATE OF ARIZONA.

~ Vicki is THE Coldwell Banker preferred Short Sale agent for the Sahuarita, Green Valley, Vail, Tucson and ALL of Southern Arizona.

~ Vicki works with State and National Law makers, recommending and advising in matters concerning Short Sales. Vicki has also consulted on conference calls with the WHITE HOUSE on new programs to help those in need. The Short Sale Master Minds have even worked with the IRS, helping distressed homeowners.

~ Vicki works with Executive Management of all the Major Lenders, to streamline approval processes and develop procedures. If trouble arises, Vicki has the personal connections to get them resolved. Recommended by Chase as a Priority Partner, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

~ Vicki has personal connections with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Veterans Administration, as well as other Government Agencies. Vicki KNOWS how to escalate short sales and FIGHT FOR the homeowner, if needed.

~ Vicki's success rate is one of the BEST in the State!

~ Most of Vicki's business is the LISTING side of Short Sales.

~ Vicki NEVER quits! She does NOT take "NO" for an answer from lenders.
If they say "No", Vicki looks for other options and works to find a way to make it happen.


Vicki has been successfully closing short sales since 1992, when the defense industry died in California. It is VITALLY important if you are considering getting involved in either side of a transaction on a short sale property, that you have an agent EXPERIENCED in Short Sales, working on your behalf. They are complicated and involved! Additionally, Vicki is a Short Sale Master Mind for the State of Arizona.


Pricing of short sales is like walking a tight rope, it must be done by a professional in that area. Short sales are generally priced below the market value to get multiple offers from buyers, and low enough to provide an incentive to hang in the deal for the months and months it takes to complete the transaction. Generally, you can not go in and low ball this price and expect to get the home. Home prices are usually already below market, and the sales price must be enough to satisfy the bank (meeting minimum ratios), making it profitable to accept your transaction rather than letting it go to foreclosure or auction. There are minimum ratios that must be met on every offer, to get approval on any short sale. Additionally, home prices can change throughout the process, right up until Short Sale Approval is issued by the lender(s).


There are risks invoved whether you are looking to buy a short sale OR sell your home as a short sale. They are totally different for the buyer and seller. Please refer to the BUYING A SHORT SALE or SELLING YOUR HOME AS A SHORT SALE sections to address them specifically. Generally, the biggest risk to the buyer is that you may invest a lot of time and still not get the home. Risks for the seller are more of a legal nature.

YOU MUST BEWARE! (Mainly pertains to sellers)

There are many companies (and Realtors) out there that will offer to do your short sale and charge you money up front... These are scams! It costs you absolutely NOTHING to have a legitimate Realtor negotiate the short sale on your behalf. Do NOT ever give money up front to anyone to sell a "short sale" home. Also, if you have an experienced agent, you DO NOT NEED anyone other than your Realtor to negotiate the deal. There are many "scam artist companies" that offer to assist your Realtor to negotiate the transaction... Your Realtor does NOT need a 3rd party negotiator, processor or anyone. That is YOUR REALTOR's job!!! If your Realtor needs to hire someone to do the short sale for them... RUN!

Also, going to a short sale seminar does NOT an experienced agent, make!!! There are a lot of agents that will tell you they are "experts" because they have a SFR or CDPE designation. In all honesty, just about every Realtor in the state went to these classes. All it took was sitting in a 3 hr class to get these designations. There are many Realtors who are attempting to do short sales, that don't even know what they don't know! They are NOT protecting their clients from future deficiency judgments, NOR are they negotiating out subordinant liens. They are not educating you on the potential of tax consequences. This can cost you THOUSANDS in the future, potential law suits, or keep you from being able to avoid foreclosure. I have seen many people lose their home to foreclosure because they became involved with a short sale Realtor that did not know what they were doing. I get calls every day from other Realtor's who have attempted to do a short sale and have created such a mess, asking me to bail them out and "fix it". Legally, I can not and will not put myself or Coldwell Banker in that position. More often than not, the short sale then falls apart because that Realtor should have never been doing one in the first place. I can not save you after the fact. Be careful who you choose!

As far as buyers, you need an agent that will be honest with you and understand that Short Sales take time... Lots of time! No amount of pressure or threatening to cancel, will make it go faster. You will be waiting and will NOT have daily updates. Short Sales move slowly and if you are not a patient person or need to be in a home by a certain date, short sales are probably not for you. BUT, if you are patient and have time to wait, you may get an outstanding home at a good price!

You need to ask:

How long have you been doing short sales? - Make sure it is over 5 years.

How many have you CLOSED in the past 6 months? - Should be minimum of 6

If your Realtor can not answer any of these questions immediately, do NOT hire them. Qualified Realtors KNOW their success rate.

Does the agent do a Short Sale PREQUALIFICATION with you? - If not, do not hire them. Not all people who want to do them can.
Find out BEFORE you lose your home!

Your future short sale success depends on how good YOUR Realtor is!
You do NOT want to be someones "test case" at "learning" how to do them.

To explore your options, contact:
Vicki L. Watson, PLLC
(520) 204-3474 - Cell

If you can not make your mortgage payments OR have a Trustee Sale Date on your home:
Call a QUALIFIED, PROFESSIONAL REALTOR immediately. Time is NOT your friend and ignoring the issue will NOT make it go away!