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Thinking of Buying A Home? Don't Know Where To Start? Wonder If You Need A Realtor? Wonder How to Choose A Realtor?
"I live here and work here. I KNOW Sahuarita!!"
Vicki specializes in representing First-Time Buyers, VA Home Buyers, New Construction, Vacation Homes, Investment Properties, Relocation, Move-Up Buyers, and Buyers in Federal Law Enforcement. She can get you the Home of Your Dreams!
Why you need a Realtor and Why Vicki should be YOUR REALTOR!
Did you know that half the Real Estate Agents in Arizona, are NOT Realtors?

Vicki is a Realtor! ONLY agents who are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), can call themselves REALTORS. To be a Realtor, a real estate agent must join the National Association of Realtors, their State and Local Associations. As a Realtor, an agent must pass a background check, pay their dues and pledge to abide by the Code of Ethics.

Ethics Matter!

Coldwell Banker established a Code of Ethics for their agents to abide by back in 1906, when they established their company following the great San Francisco earthquake after seeing how people were being taken advantage of. The National Association followed right behind in 1913.

Why work with a Realtor as a BUYER?

1. You don't waste time looking at homes that are not available or ones that don't meet your needs.

     How many times have you seen "the one" online, only to find out it is under contract and you missed out? The more closely you work with your Realtor, the better she will know your likes and dislikes. She can help you weed through all the homes on the market so you don't waste time looking at those that just won't work. Many real estate sites are not so accurate! I have had homes I sold six+ years ago that are still listed as active on sites such as Zillow, Homes.com and others. Additionally, these sites may not have all the homes that are available! Only a Realtor who specializes, works, lives and knows the desired area; will be privy to everything that may meet your requirements.

2. There is more to being a Realtor than just "showing you homes".

     A professional, a true professional, is more than just a chauffeur and a doorman. Finding the home is just the beginning. What happens when you find the home you want? A true professional Realtor is like a conductor of a symphony. She knows how to direct you through the entire process, coordinating everything to bring your purchase through to fruition, while protecting YOUR best interest.

     A Realtor will negotiate the sale with your best interests in mind; to ensure you get the best price, terms, and conditions. This is important whether you are purchasing from a represented seller, new construction or a "for sale by owner" (FSBO). Represented sellers have their own real estate agent working for the sellers interest. Why would you not have your own representation? Buying a "FSBO", it is even more important to have representation! What if the seller does not know the law or is unethical? You may never know what to ask for or check out. And By The Way... In almost every case, it costs you NOTHING to have Vicki represent you!

     New Construction causes a huge misunderstanding among many buyers. Buyers often believe that they are represented by the "site sales agent". THAT IS FALSE! The site sales agent, no matter how nice and knowledgeable they may be, represents the seller (the builder) ONLY! They do NOT represent the buyer... ever! If you go without your own Realtor, you are unrepresented! There is no one to make sure that if you run into any issues (which there always are), that your interests are protected. You NEED a Realtor to represent you! ~~ Another myth is that you can get a better deal if you don't have a Realtor. This too, is FALSE! The commission is already agreed ahead of time, to be paid by the builder. Negotiations with a builder will NEVER allow for you to get the money that was to be paid as a commission, as it can only be paid to a LICENSED Real Estate Agent. In reality, a Realtor will know of incentives being offered and other programs that can lead to you getting a better price than the general public who are unrepresented! I have often been able to negotiate additional items such as fridges, washers or dryers OR additional upgrades for the buyers into the contract. It makes no sense to be unrepresented at a new home builder site.

     Realtors also know other professionals in related Real Estate businesses. We can assist in finding and scheduling Home Inspectors, Pest/Termite Inspectors, Roofing Companies, Title Companies, Mortgage Lenders and many others; that can assist you in finding out all you can to ensure you are making the best and most informed purchase. We go through Disclosures and many other documents, thoroughly with you.

     Realtors can connect you with Mortgage Brokers/Lenders who have MANY loan programs available to ensure you get the best program, lowest fees, rate and financing options.

     Most importantly, your Realtor will do the daily follow-up needed to make sure you get to close on your home in a timely manner, making all the contract deadlines.

     Additionally, Realtors take Continuing Education classes. We take a minimum of 24 credits every two years, often many more! A professional Realtor is educated in contract law, agency, commissioners standards, disclosure, ethics, real estate law and fair housing laws.

Vicki has been doing this for hundreds of clients since 1990! She is a STRONG negotiator with lots of experience in tactics. Let Vicki Watson show you how a real professional Realtor can work for you!
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